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“You really should learn how to tie that.”

Jet shot a scowl over his shoulder, giving the tie around his neck a yank. “I know how to tie a tie.” At Albert’s skeptical look, he turned back to the mirror and turned the scowl on the lopsided knot around his neck. “It’s been a while.”

“I can tell.” Albert clapped a hand on Jet’s shoulder, pulling him around so he could undo the knot. “Do you have the ring?”

“Yeah, I’ve got the ring.” Jet shoved his hands into his pockets, gripping the small box, even as he tilted his head back to let Albert quickly tie a new knot. “You really think I’m gonna mess this up for Frannie and Joe?”

Albert chuckled, finishing with the tie and moving to button up Jet’s waistcoat. “Not on purpose. You’d be amazed how often the little things get forgotten in the rush.” He tugged the waistcoat straight, then settled his hands on Jet’s hips. “You look good.”

“Yeah, I clean up nice.” He pulled away to grab his jacket, not wanting to deal with the softness in Albert’s voice or the distance in his gaze; he didn’t know if Albert thinking of her or thinking of him. During a wedding, he didn’t really want to know. “Let’s go make sure the lovebirds aren’t about to fly the coop.”

“Right, they’re the ones about to run.” But Jet didn’t pull away when Albert snagged his hand on the way out.

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